Sitaram Srivatsavai

Director, Web Development

Company: IQVIA

Stream: В

Time: 13:00 - 13:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: United States

Language: English

Talk: Developing 2GP Extension Packages – Key Considerations, Learnings and Best Practices

About the Speaker

Sitaram Srivatsavai is a Director, Web Development, who works with a highly talented product engineering team to architect, design, and develop and iOS applications for Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry.
Sitaram believes in servant leadership and helps in building and scaling engineering teams.
Sitaram has 12+ years of software development experience, started as a .NET, SQL, and iOS developer building custom CRM solutions for banking and life sciences customers. Later, he changed his focus towards building highly configurable and scalable life sciences focused CRM and SAAS applications on, Heroku, and iOS. Currently leads the development of a highly successful Customer Engagement application on the platform, which is widely used by 120+ Pharma and Consumer Health Care companies, implemented worldwide in 35+ languages.
Sitaram helped develop and deliver one of the first lightning only, and, to date, one of the largest managed packages in the Salesforce App Exchange.

Talk: Developing 2GP Extension Packages – Key Considerations, Learnings and Best Practices

An extension package is a package with set of components that adds to the functionality of a managedpackage. An extension package requires that the base managed package be installed in the organization. For example, if you have built a recruiting app, an extension to this app might include a component for performing background checks on candidates. Whether your base package is 1GP or 2GP, Salesforce recommends using 2GP for any new extension package development. During this presentation, we will go over the key considerations, learnings and best practices for developing 2GP extension packages.