Oleh Mykytyn

Salesforce MVP, Sr. Developer and Technical Lead

Company: Redtag

Stream: В

Time: 12:00 - 12:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: Ukraine

Language: English

Talk: What is Wrapper Class and How to use with LWC

About the Speaker

Oleh Mykytyn graduated from national university Lviv's polytechnic with a master degree in Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences
Oleh is a Salesforce specialist at Red Tag with 5 years of experience in different projects all around the world. During that time worked closely with many Salesforce Clouds like Sales, Service, Marketing, Communities, Integration, etc.

Apart from work, Oleh is doing a lot of volunteering work in Salesforce Community such as organizing meetups and taking part as a speaker in different groups and conferences.
Also, he's always happy to help others in their's career by taking part in the Trailblazer Mentorship program and Salesforce Saturday. Additionally, he's running an active blog on Twitter and loves to travel to Tech Conferences and meeting new people.

Talk: What is Wrapper Class and How to use with LWC

At some point in time, each salesforce developer meets with the Wrapper class as it gives some extra flexibility to us. You've probably already worked with it in Aura Component or Visualforce but what about Lighting Web Component? Do we have such a possibility there and if yes, how can we use wrappers there, and easily connect it with Apex.