Evan Ponter

Founder & Principal Consultant

Company: Ponter Solutions

Stream: А

Time: 14:00 - 14:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: United States

Language: English

Talk: Fantastic Frameworks for Fast, Feature-Filled Flows

About the Speaker

I've fallen into a Salesforce Admin role, like many others, which jumpstarted the Salesforce career I never expected. I started with Google searches to figure out what Salesforce can do and eventually found the Success Community. From there I was hooked - trying to find ways to automate as much as I could in my day-to-day role with the help of others in the community. I loved it so much that I urged the leadership team to create a Salesforce Admin position in the company so that I could work with Salesforce full-time. They eventually let me, and I completed various projects for the organization. But my thirst wasn't quenched. I wanted to see how Salesforce works at scale. I landed a job at another company as a Salesforce Administrator and was immediately thrown into debugging a vast org with over 500 users. In my time there, I learned so much about data architecture, declarative development, and most importantly: Reports. I have dissected the ins and outs of Salesforce reporting so that I can confidently create accurate reports. I was also interested in figuring out a way to simplify the report-building process so that it wouldn't be so daunting or frustrating for users of all levels. I spent time testing various scenarios, figuring out how report types affect the resulting data set, finding ways to answer complex questions without exporting the data into Excel. Now, in my current role as a Salesforce Consultant, I'm using that knowledge along with data architecture and automation skills to build miraculous solutions for clients that are easy to understand and improve upon as the business changes.

Talk: Fantastic Frameworks for Fast, Feature-Filled Flows

The flow engine is ready to handle all of your declarative automation needs - are you? Using programmatic problem-solving patterns, we can fine-tune record-triggered flows for optimal performance (yes, even alongside apex code) and organize the logic to maintain sanity during solution design and debugging endeavors. We'll explore frameworks for before-save flows (optimized for fast field updates) and after-save flows (orchestrating actions and related record automation). As more automation is moving away from workflow rules and into the flow engine, these tips will ensure you can continue to #AutomateAllTheThings without negatively impacting the performance of your org. Find your future in the flourishing flow frenzy!